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Gwendolyn de Geest RN, BSN, MA
Dementia Speaks

Gwendolyn de Geest, RN, BSN, MA has been an educator and frontline practitioner in dementia care for over two decades. She has a passion for caring for persons with dementia and advocating for their caregivers. She is currently a professor at Vancouver Community College located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada where she works with and supervises students as they care for the elderly. Gwendolyn 's business provides time away on a major cruise ship while learning tools for caring for their loved ones.
About Gwendolyn

As a result of working in dementia care for over two decades, Gwendolyn has experience working with seniors as a frontline practitioner, and has knowledge of the issues that are important to them. Because of working with hundreds of family and professional caregivers, who are caring for persons with dementia, she has admired and respected the joys and sorrows that these individuals have endured as they navigate the journey.

Although the professional caregiver is delivering the very best care to the person with dementia, the family member will visit and may perceive that something is missing. Why is this? Where is the gap in care? How can family and professional caregivers work together in a timely and caring manner?

To answer these questions, Gwendolyn has created “The Circle of Care” model. This Model provides creative solutions to allow professional and family caregiver to

• embrace one another in caring for the person with dementia.

• work together to maintain a quality of life for the senior

• “bridge the gap” and display a sense of harmony

As a result of this partnership, the senior will benefit from knowing that there is a harmony and cohesiveness directed towards delivery of their very best quality of life.

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