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What Are You Feeling ?
 Check off the feelings you have experienced and are experiencing and write a few sentences on why you are feeling them, what choices you have about these feelings you experience and how you think you can change them.

alienation loving strong fearful
unsuccessful hopeless bored loveable
assertive exhausted resentful naive
proud smart frightened apathetic
regretful anxious envious successful
meditative forgiving used complete
ambiguous confused guilty rested
alone frustrated indifferent disbelieving
sad angry privileged unforgiving
sympathetic arrogant determined helpless
empowered out of control overwhelmed demoralized
abused tolerant humiliated negative
grateful thankful spiritual peaceful
indecisive loved stubborn understood
remorseful centered defensive unprepared
optimistic pessimistic confident miserable
agonized dissatisfied disgusted powerless
exasperated appreciative sick hostile
appreciated powerful weak positive
withdrawn enthusiastic aggressive burdened

Of course there are many more feelings that may have not been mentioned. If you come up with any of your own, jot them down and explore them through your writings.

© 12/24/98 Gail R. Mitchell© Copyright 1998 - 2000 by Gail R. Mitchell..

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© Copyright 1998 - 2000 by Gail R. Mitchell..
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