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Carrying Our Crosses
(This is for all of my wonderful friends. )

We carry our crosses
each day that we walk
through the hidden valley
midst the mud and the rock.

Each new day is a challenge
from morning to dusk;
it's our responsibility
to take time to rest.

Few can understand
the burden we bear;
how can they even hope too
they've never been there.

I believe that we're chosen
by our Father above,
given the role as caregivers
to those that we love.

So let us be thankful
praise Him each day;
remember He's the potter;
we're only the clay.

Allow Him to mold us;
make of us what He wants;
vessels of honor
in His garden of life.

Trust this will be a blessing to each and everyone of you.

Copyrighted by Gloria Brewster 2001

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