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A Congruency Model Aligning the Whole You - Part II

If you think this essay may offer a pleasant and enjoyable quick read, think again. The Congruency Model can be a very powerful tool to literally re-create aspects of your life. If taken seriously, and the fieldwork is diligently followed, you'll be conducting a significant personal transformation. Read it lightly if you wish, but if you have something that you'd like to create in your life, I urge you to get involved with this process. The power is not in the model; the power lies within you. The model simply draws your attention to what is creating your life now at each and every moment.

If you are up for some huge results, put this issue down right now, review the last issue of "Intentions" and complete the fieldwork thoroughly.

In Phase I - The Awareness and Acceptance phase, we went into deeper layers of ourselves, from the surface of the physical level into the mental and emotional levels. We increased our awareness as to where we are incongruent and discovered the blockages that are keeping us from fulfilling our intentions.

Awareness and acceptance are crucial in the problem solving process, however, if left here, our chances of solving problems are severely limited. Problems are inherently flavored with an emotional heaviness. In the darkness of this emotional state, we find it difficult to see the many choices and alternatives available. Left to this level of consciousness, we are tied to the problem. Seeing ourselves as small and weak, we totally disregard the powerful resources given to us at birth. Therefore, it is vital that we shift to a different consciousness.

It is time to move on to...

PHASE II - THE RE-CREATION PHASE - We will now flow inversely from the inside outward creating congruency, that is, a smooth, unencumbered flow to realize our intentions.

Our physical five senses are so powerful and convince us that this is the only reality that exists. This false assumption causes us to give little attention to our spiritual, emotional and mental beingness. We therefore work very hard on the physical level of "doing" and little, if anything, on "being." It is, however, this unseen world from which all is created. When the whole human being has congruency at all levels, desires are fulfilled rapidly.

The Congruency Model - Phase II

Your Spiritual Self - Your sense of connectedness within and beyond you
Your Emotional Self - How you feel about things
Your Mental Self - What you believe is true and what you say to yourself
Your Physical Self - What you observe with your five physical senses
Your Spiritual Self - This is where you begin to interrupt the self-defeating behavior, transform your feelings, reframe your beliefs and create new physical realities.

Our spiritual self is our deepest layer where we experience a connectedness with our source. It is the soul level of being that shatters the illusion of separateness and reveals the unity of all living beings. It is a knowing that our actions affect not just ourselves but every living thing. Our spirit is fearless and all about pure unconditional love and wholeness. There is nothing missing; it is total, complete and abundant. Much more can be said, and will be said, about this level of ourselves and in future issues of "Intentions," however, for the purpose of this essay, we will look at the aspect of ourselves that mirrors the creator him/herself. The ability to co-create with the faculty of the directed, creative imagination.

We are the only species given this creative faculty and the majority of us don't make use of it; what a waste. We were led to believe that this ability was to be left behind with kindergarten childishness as we entered the "real" world of logic and intellect. Scientific research is leading us back to this natural, God given resource which we have learned to shut down. The creative imagination, however, can be reawakened, developed and stimulated. Moreover, we can assimilate the use of this natural faculty into our daily lives.

The non-directed imagination, however, is quite active indeed and unfortunately is a major player in our day- to-day life experiences. Although it's been quite some time since we've been concerned about being eaten by wild jungle animals, our primitive fight/flight reactions still have us emotionally in the stone-age. This reactiveness can be triggered by events like tax audits and traffic jams. These events can have us running for cover, hiding in the darkness and fearing for our very lives; an absurd over-reaction.

This is how powerful the reactive imagination is. It is this non-directed imagination that holds us back when an opportunity presents itself. This fearful reactiveness spawns the internal dialogue of "what if I don" t perform well enough?" or  "what will they think?" It is time we release ourselves from the bondage of this fearful reflex, acknowledge that we are no longer threatened by wild animals, and step out into the light of our greatness.

You may ask yourself, what does this "greatness" ego trip have to do with spirituality. Well, it's not an ego trip at all. Staying small does not speak to a spiritual life. The more we make use of our natural talents, the richer our lives become and the greater the gifts we can bring to others. As we embrace our own greatness, we see and uphold the greatness of others. If we all took this view, we would create a paradise on earth. By re-directing our powerful imagination toward worthwhile outcomes, we honor the gift of our creative ability and enhance the quality of life for all who are touched by us.

So whatever your challenge or goal, shift from "a what's missing, scarcity consciousness" to "a what's available, boundless, abundant consciousness with the use of your creative imagination.

Use your imagination to conceive a clear vision of what you want. We are so good at describing what we don't want, it is no wonder that we are so good at creating it. As you were responding to the fieldwork questions of Phase I, much of your language was likely around "I"-ness. "I am over-weight" or "I am lonely" or "I am not good enough" or "I don?t deserve?" and so on. When conceiving at this spiritual level you will see yourself, and all those around you, already benefiting from your desired outcome. Your creation has already been consummated at this level. You are not alone with your problems, but all-one with your unifying creation.

Release your need to be a "realist" for a little while, at least at this creative level. Disregard the rational reasons why you can't have what you want and play through this seeming fantasy.

Napoleon Hill said, "whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve." You cannot give birth, without first conceiving. Draw from your memory a time when you conceived a goal. How limited or unlimited was it? What restrictions did you put on it? Are you willing to go boundless with your imagination? Is that too foolhardy a game for you to play? Before you answer that question, give thought to those around you who have achieved levels of success in their lives and then think about who's being foolish. As Stephen Covey said, "Begin with the end in mind." Nothing grand can ever occur in your life if you don't first conceive of grand outcomes. Those of you who have or who are achieving great satisfaction and success know this to be true. Remember, this is a choice available to all, not just a lucky few.

Draw deep from within your spiritual self, a boundless, unrestricted, unlimited, ideal conception and feel the impact it has on...

Your Emotional Self - Ahhh... the rich feelings generated by the creative imagination. They are light and joyful. A stark contrast to the darkness and heaviness of the problem or challenge. Continue to stay congruent with unrestricted feelings from this boundless conception. DO NOT try to figure out how your conception will be birthed! That's the job of the critical, fearful, reactive mind. The birthing process is as natural as you allow it to be.

It has been scientifically documented that our feelings trigger a storm of physiological changes in our physical being. All of your 14 trillion cells are in constant communication with your brain, glands and immune system. These feelings create a series of neuropeptides that circulate throughout the body to find a receptor. This has an enormous impact on...

Your Mental Self - As we stay congruent with the boundless conception and the related feelings, we open the floodgates to the creative mind. I am reminded of another finding from Hill's research of highly successful beings. He states that "Thoughts which are mixed with the feelings of emotion constitutes a magnetic force which attracts other similar or related thoughts and a thought thus magnetized may be compared to a seed, which when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows and multiplies itself over and over again until that seed becomes countless millions of the same brand." Yikes! This is true whether the fearful reactive imagination is at the helm or the directed, creative imagination is steering the ship. This is going on at this very moment in your mind. That is why it is vital to heed Einstein's wisdom and shift from the consciousness of the problem to the consciousness of your conception.

Here is where the creative mind is wide open, alert and sensitive to opportunities that are in alignment with your creation. The subconscious mind is in full participation desiring to actualize your creative intention. It has been said that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Your mind is prepared and attentive with thoughts congruent to your abundant, unbounded creation and possibility thinking is in high gear. No attention is on what's missing but on what is available and what can be. This mindset leads to experiences that occur at...

Your Physical Self - As you participate in the creation process, know that you are united with a co-creating force; the Creator, God, universal intelligence, or whatever your concept of this source of pure unconditional love. This animating force is by your side. You are not the only instrument in this Unity Orchestra. Expect other players to arrive on the scene who will add richness to your music. You'll turn to just the right page in a book, overhear the right conversation and sychronistic occurrences will be the norm. Keep your perspective wide open for opportunities which go beyond your initial conception, yet are harmonious with the essence of your intention.

Remember, the quality of life has little to do with the object of your desire, but everything to do with quality of your emotional and mental state. The objects of your desire are transient, but the underlying emotions are what your soul craves. The satisfaction of their attainment is everlasting. This can be likened to the child filled with excitement in anticipation of a holiday toy. Shortly after it's arrival, the excitement fades. But the experience of parental love and caring is eternal. At this physical level, how you experience the quality of the present moment is all that really matters. And what you presently see at the physical level of your life now, is an expression of your previous intentions, feelings and thoughts which you have acted upon. And your future, physical level will be a reflection of your present intentions, feelings and thoughts which you will act upon. The question therefore is, will your seeds be sown from the primitive, reactive, darkness of fear or from the mindful light of rich, meaningful and purposeful intentions? The choice is yours and the world awaits, and deserves, your greatness.


Enter your deepest level by relaxing your body, quieting your mind and be with your source. Co-create ideal outcomes with your imagination from the SPIRIT of unconditional love, gratitude, non-judgment, unity and wholeness. Be with your EMOTIONS and feel, without effort. Your MIND will be alert and attentive to information congruent with your creation. Should your mind, out of habit, lean toward the darkness of fearfulness, simply be aware of it and direct it back to the light of your creation.

Reconnecting with spirit is a very personal and intimate process. Many methods can be employed to reawaken the creative faculty of imagination; from prayer and meditation, to altering your environment, to developing your intentions in the written form. Whatever method(s) you choose, be certain that you can describe your desired outcome(s) with as much detail and passion as you've been able to describe what's missing in your life. With sufficient interest, I will create a class on this topic that can be offered in person or by telephone conference lines. Let me know if you?d like to participate. Meanwhile, if you are attracted to creating congruency in your life now, know that assistance is available. So feel very welcome to call the "coach."

John Felitto
John Felitto - Mind Development Trainer & Coach and author of *Intentions* a free e-publication that offers practical tools to assist subscribers in coaching themselves to greater personal fulfillment and success. Subscribe: John@evokeyourgreatness.com John has a full-time telephone coaching practice and assists clients in evoking their own greatness and full potential. He is a trainer of The Silva Method of Mind Development in Westchester & Rockland Counties of NY and offers Tele-Classes regularly.
E-mail: john@evokeyourgreatness.com
Web Site: http://www.EvokeYourGreatness.com.

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