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Universal Love
We have failed to grasp the fact that mankind is becoming a single unit, and that for a unit to fight against itself is suicide.- Havelock Ellis

Physical Level (External) From Reactive to Creative
Mental Level (Belief) From Separateness to Unity
Emotional Level (Feeling) From Frightened Darkness to Healing
Spiritual Level (Internal) From Fear to Love

When events occur in our lives, large or small, we tend to react. Our physical nature is most obvious to us so we tend to over-identify with our individual nature and affirm a belief in separateness. Our reactions are that of survival, that is, how will this affect me?

Like attempting to catch Niagara Falls in a Dixie cup, the events of September 11 bombarded our sensory equipment with an overwhelming volume of stimuli. For some, it was the surreal view of the WTC crumbling, like Tinker toys, on our television sets, and for others, it was much more close up and personal. On the mental level, we contracted and went into overwhelm. This contraction triggered emotional reactions of fright, anger and deep sadness to name a few. While in this reactive mode, it was not surprising to see many lashing out with impulses of retaliation to fight back. Subject to these "reactions" we are left victims to fear, emotionally heavy, void of creative thinking and deeply embracing an illusion spiritually; the illusion of separateness.

When we shift our attention from a reactive to creative response, we reconnect with a multi-sensory view that goes beyond the limitation of our sensory equipment and draws us deeper into another reality which shatters the illusion of separateness.

Science, in an attempt to disprove the existence of God, stumbled into the fact that we are, in our essential state, energy with no definite edges. Our separateness is a mere illusion of our limited sensory equipment. As Ellis points out in the display quote above, the discovery is one of unity.

The nature of mind is to seek information harmonious with the attending thought. In directing our attention to a unified view, the mind seeks and observes evidence of a different reality. The heroic nature of the human spirit is revealed, the pulling together of all individuals, risking their very lives to save others. We saw black and white races merge into one human race. In one divine instant, we all woke up: awake to truth. Directing attention to these events brings light into an otherwise dark and dreadful event. The uplifting of our spirits reconnects us, lifts us up emotionally and opens the door to more expansive thoughts and possibility thinking. The perspective shifts us from the "good guy/bad guy" mentality, which has imprisoned us as a species and has indeed propagated the kind of violence we deplore. So we must think bigger, MUCH BIGGER.

J. S. Mill states, "No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible, until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution in their modes of thought. " Waking up to this "other" reality, we consider a new sense of responsibility and even an awareness of our contribution to this tragedy. We've been asleep to our neighbor's plight. Many countries live with terrorism every day, while we pursue our individual wants. While two-thirds of the world scrounges for their next meal, we are "leveraging up" to a bigger house and fancier car. Through our apathy, we have delegated our human sensitivities to the parents of government.

Now, please don't waste any time in guilt-filled remorse for it is fear that creates this madness and universal love is the only path to salvation.

This is an enormous opportunity for all of us to truly live rather than merely exist. It's time to begin the healing process and the process begins with healing our own terrorist within each and every one of us. It is the fear that causes us to judge ourselves. It is now our aim to direct attention to higher intentions. As we do this individually, we heal ourselves collectively.

Right now, we may feel helpless. This sense of helplessness is mitigated in contribution. Look at your own natural talents for your source of contribution. If you have financial abundance, share it; if you have intellectual abundance, contribute your inspiration and wisdom to your appointed leadership; if you have emotional abundance, be there for others; if you have a belief in divine energy,pray.
As Gandhi put it, "Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action."

By mindfully directing our attention to this unified view, this "other" reality, we will shift to a higher level of consciousness, and inspire our leadership as we model higher behavior for our neighbors and our children.

It is wonderful to see our country unify. A flag hung in front of every home. In the spirit of unification let's go bigger. It is my hope and belief that our US leadership can create a new vision. Let us direct this powerful ego of supremacy in a healthy way and wave the flag of global unity.

The gift of this event is one of awakening. The real challenge is for us to stay awake. Let us not have the lives that we lost in this tragic event be wasted. Let their lives be honored by our making "the great change take place." Let us remain awake, so we can hear the whispers and respond creatively instead of falling so deep asleep that we need a frying pan over our head to wake us up. Then, we can look back in gratitude to those whose lives offer us the opportunity to create a new world. Perhaps the predictions of the end of the world are valid metaphorically, perhaps the world did end, as we know it. Perhaps we've been reborn.

Scripture reminds us that we are to love our enemies. If it is true that "mankind is becoming a single unit," we must love unconditionally and universally. Just as we at times may deplore our child's misbehavior, we still unconditionally love the child. Just as we may deplore our own behavior at times, we must unconditionally love ourselves. You will note that deplorable behavior is drawn from a state of fear. When in a state of fear, there is an absence of love. It is time to address the physical reality and take appropriate mindful action and, address this "other" very real reality of our universal nature with universal love.

Last week, a wonderfully healing song was born by an incredibly talented musician and friend. It is appropriately titled "Universal Love." It's an example of a contribution based on one's inherit gifts and talents. Go to: http://www.universallovesongs.com and allow this healing melody to soothe and inspire you toward mindful intent.

Peace be with you all.

Feel free to share this essay. Please disseminate freely and widely.Thank You!

John Felitto
John Felitto - Mind Development Trainer & Coach and author of *Intentions* a free e-publication that offers practical tools to assist subscribers in coaching themselves to greater personal fulfillment and success. Subscribe: John@evokeyourgreatness.com John has a full-time telephone coaching practice and assists clients in evoking their own greatness and full potential. He is a trainer of The Silva Method of Mind Development in Westchester & Rockland Counties of NY and offers Tele-Classes regularly.
E-mail: john@evokeyourgreatness.com
Web Site: http://www.EvokeYourGreatness.com.

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