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Mind Tools

"But whatever the dictates of fashion, it seems that those who take the trouble to gain mastery over what happens in consciousness do live a happier life." - Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi

Mind Tools

We may not have complete control over the external events in our lives, yet we do have the capability to direct our consciousness. Consciousness influences reality and creates our interpretation of it as well; and both largely determine how we feel about things.

As the display quote suggests, directing our consciousness has grand benefits worthy of pursuit. If this is your intention, allow me to be of assistance and offer you two valuable tools you can use. Let's dive right in...

Mental Stimulation Exercises

Process Stimulation -- orders and aligns the outer conscious and subconscious (inner conscious) mind. Also known as Mental Rehearsal, process stimulation is a standard in sports psychology and very popular with professional athletes.

Within this exercise you see and feel yourself going through the steps of an event from beginning to end. This approach gives your brain and minds the sense that you've done it already; therefore, less anxiety, more enjoyment and ease. When at ease, we are graceful, more eloquent and creative; we are more persuasive and attractive as well.

In health cases, mental rehearsal has proven to be successful in reducing postoperative bleeding and more rapid recovery after surgery. I enjoyed having a radio interview with Dr. Bernie Siegel where he stated that he would have patients mentally rehearse the positive outcome of their surgery three times a day, for one week, prior to the event. In this way, the brain experienced 21 successful procedures.

Process stimulation can be applied in preparation for any events such as business meetings, blind dates, and even a visit from your in-laws. Take the edge off of a busy schedule by walking through the anticipated events of the day first thing in the morning. An added benefit in doing so, is that you are more likely to get done what you feel is important and less likely to be thrown off course in reaction to urgencies around you. A subtle, yet valuable benefit is simply asking yourself questions you may not ordinarily ask, i.e., What do I want to bring to this day? What would I like to accomplish today? What activities would make me feel like today was a rich and rewarding day? This may make the difference between truly living and merely existing.

Inherent in mental rehearsal is the sense that we already know how we want the events to unfold, that is, the steps along the way and how we'd like to enjoy them. Often, however, we may have an idea of an outcome we desire, yet haven't a clue at the best way to approach it. This sets the stage for the second tool...

Outcome Stimulation -- stimulates the creative mind to add/attract more information into your bio-computer (brain).

You direct your attention to the outcome/end result of what you desire, then let go, and wait for the creative mind to figure out the details with the delivery of an AHA! Detaching in this way releases you from the need to figure out the details -- you delegate it to higher consciousness. The act of trying to *figure it out* can be an exhausting experience and can block the very natural ability our brain and mind has to incubate and illuminate. For this exercise the law of least effort definitely applies.

*Outcome based* stimulation may imply an attempt to control outcomes. Inasmuch as we are not served by being attached to outcomes, we are served well by directing consciousness to what we want vs. what we don't want. Therefore, the *this or something better attitude* always applies. In doing so, we surrendering our will to higher intelligence, the universe, God, which I affectionately refer to as the unbounded database. This infinite database has the big picture, in contrast to the limitations of our finite conscious mind, which may have but a few pieces of the puzzle.

Science makes the point that our conscious mind processes data at 126 bits per second (bps), whereas the inner conscious levels, which correlate to alpha and theta brainwaves, process at multibillions of bps. Engaging in these exercises plugs us into this bank of infinite intelligence and maximizes the use of the sacred gifts we were given, our brain & mind.

The nature of the inner conscious mind is that it seeks evidence in alignment with our conscious thoughts. Like a good short order cook, it fills the order without judgment. So you'd best give the cook an accurate order. These exercises direct the sensors of our consciousness to detect and gather more harmonious data. Arriving in the form of additional insights, this data provides information that influences our behavior and actions and, in turn, produces external events which may not occur in the absence of such mindful direction.

Begin these exercises by closing your eyes; breathing slowly and deeply and apply whatever procedure you use to quiet your mind. Multiply the power of these mental tools by including the senses of emotion (heart) to what may be largely regarded as a mental (head) practice.

Let's not view one better than another. Both Outcome and Process stimulation are valid tools for your dynamic meditation. Apply them appropriately. For suggestions on quieting your mind and/or additional references on this topic, simply email or call the *Coach. *


Is there something you really REALLY want, yet feel stuck? What would it mean to you to finally get it? How would it change your life?

I have designed a 4 session package program that will assist you in realizing your intention. It is available in two different formats -- one-to-one coaching or with an interactive group.

Send an email with "Is This For Me?" in the subject line and you'll receive a brief assessment tool you can use to see if this program is a *fit* for you.

John Felitto
John Felitto - Mind Development Trainer & Coach and author of *Intentions* a free e-publication that offers practical tools to assist subscribers in coaching themselves to greater personal fulfillment and success. Subscribe: John@evokeyourgreatness.com John has a full-time telephone coaching practice and assists clients in evoking their own greatness and full potential. He is a trainer of The Silva Method of Mind Development in Westchester & Rockland Counties of NY and offers Tele-Classes regularly.
E-mail: john@evokeyourgreatness.com
Web Site: http://www.EvokeYourGreatness.com.

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