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The Benefits Checkup

The BenefitsCheckUp is the nation's first 50-state (including the District of Columbia) online service to provide public benefit screening.

BenefitsCheckUp is the brainchild of the current President and CEO of The National Council on the Aging (NCOA). He along with many others brought his vision to life.

BenefitsCheckUp was developed to address a concerning problem: millions of older adults are eligible for benefits, but not receiving them. Ranging from health coverage to supplemental income to help in paying utility bills, there are millions of older adults who could benefit from a wide array of public programs if they knew about them and how to apply for them.

The program is a free, easy-to-use service that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans. It takes 10 or 15 minutes to enter information about your financial situation into an online questionnaire. Then, BenefitsCheckUp explains what benefit programs you may be eligible for and how to apply for them.

To see what you are eligible for go to:
www.benefitscheckup.org About NCOA The National Council on the Aging is a national, nonprofit group of people and organizations dedicated to promoting the dignity, independance, well-being, and contributions of older people. We've been around since 1950 and over the years, we have helped develop Meals-on-Wheels, Foster Grandparents and dozens of other innovative programs for older Americans.

NCOA believes that benefits are important and useful tools to help seniors be independent and healthy. NCOA is proud to work with national sponsors and government agencies to make this service free to anyone who wants to see if they may be eligible for public programs and services.

To research if you or the individual you are caring for is eligible for local, city, state and federal programs click on this link to go to the site and register.

National Council on the Aging
Web Site: www.ncoa.org

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