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Caregiving Articles
Category: Aging
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Aging Articles
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2000 Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs
12/01/2000 Gail Mitchell, National Organization For Empowering Caregivers
A directory of company programs that provide prescription drugs to physicians whose patients could not otherwise afford them.
A Breast Cancer Survivor
08/08/2003 Pat Webster, Caregivers World, Inc.
A breast cancer survivor talks about living with and surviving breast cancer.
A Breathing Exercise to Free Yourself from Anger
04/20/2000 Dennis Lewis
Learn how to free yourself from anger through a combination of special awareness and breathing practices.
A Complete Genius
07/12/2004 Alan Cohen
We perceive people the way we want to, so let us concentrate on their good side and let them enter our world as geniuses rather than dummies.
A Final Resting Place
08/01/2000 Shaywardncr
The author discusses the final resting place for her husband while dealing with feelings and family situations.
A Moment In Time
11/01/2000 Rev. Edie Weinstein-Moser, MSW, Live InJoy
Is it true that love ones never leave us, while they are not physically present, the essence of who they are remains in our hearts forever. This author discusses her moment in time.
A Suggestion For Caregivers: Treat The Other As The Equal He Or She Is
10/05/2004 James Miller
The author discusses and provides helpful suggestions for Caregivers in regards to treatment of the individual in their care.
ACP Home Care Guide for Advanced Cancer Caregiving
08/01/2003 American College of Physicians
This guide helps guide caregivers in solving problems that come from advanced cancer.
Adult Day Care: One Form of Respite for Older Adults
04/20/2002 Terri Whirrett
Adult day care centers, also known as adult day services, have been providing a form of respite for caregivers for more than twenty years. Learn more about this form of respite and what you need to know before placing your loved one in a program.
Affirmations l
07/12/2004 Harvey Cohen, aaaha
The author persuades us to overcome our fears and start believing in ourselves. This belief will help us overcome our limitations and lead a prosperous life.
Affirmations ll
07/12/2004 Harvey Cohen, aaaha
Your wellness comes from your belief in yourself. One must realize how greate he or she is and overcome the limitations imposed by the surroundings.
Aging as Spiritual Awakening
05/13/2004 Karen Turner, MA, LMFT, DAPA
The purpose for viewing any crisis occurring within a personís life as potential for spiritual awakening is to help an individual use the crisis to maximize its usefulness in his/her own personal development. The author describes how to identify and cope.
Alzheimer Petition: Caregivers
10/01/1999 Carolyn Haynali
The Alzheimers Disease Caregivers' Army has launched a worldwide petition drive in support of finding a cure for Alzheimers disease.
Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet
08/31/2005 National Institute On Aging
This article explores how Alzheimer's illness starts and grows in a patient, treatment options and how to empower caregivers who look after them. Includes resources to look for help as well.
Alzheimerís Caregiving; Joy or What?
05/01/2003 Jack Lewis
For caregivers moving along the road we have already traveled. Go on a 12 year journey with an Alzheimer's patient and her caregiver.

Results 1 - 15 of 241
(use hearts to page through results)

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